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We can provide complete professional translation and interpretation services for companies, organizations, agencies, and our guests.  Our language specialties include Spanish, English, German, and French.  Please contact us for more information.

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José Guevara

José Guevara or Pepe, national mountaineering guide, trekking, ski, rafting, kayak, horse rides and MTB guide (guide means = safety consultant, psychologist, babysitter, cook, driver, mechanical engineer, nurse,...), born in Santiago, on January, 15th of 1962, mountaineerer since 1974, started rafting on old lorry pneumatics on upper Mapocho River in his youth. Hyperactive. A big child, knows about and opens your eyes to natural wonders. Professional mountaineering guide since 1985 and rafting guide since 1993.

Caroline Rösler

Caroline Rösler . Auxiliary guide, translator and the company's administrator and webmaster. Born in Germany, on June, 26th of 1971. Enjoys the country's overwhelming beautiness since 1997.

Angel Guevara Angel. Pepe's and Caro's first son. Born on October, 21st of 2003. Already works hard at our office enchanting any tourist passing by.
Felix Guevara Felix. The second son of Caro & Pepe, born on Octobre 27, 2006 at home in Ralun in a hot tub. He follows his big brother on all his adventures and enjoys to make laugh out loud to anybody.
Noel Guevara Noel. The third son of Caro & Pepe, born on March 28, 2011 at home in Ralun in a hot tub, too. The loveliest baby you may imagine!!
Sergio Casas del Valle Sergio Casas del Valle. Telecommunication engineer providing Kiñehuen with the necessary communications. And fan of all our activities.
Claudia Bleichenbacher Claudia Bleichenbacher. Made her stage at Kiñehuen in 2009 and decided to stay in Chile in order to build her own family and projects with Sergio. She still gives us support on many of our trekking trips with her practical and language knowledge.

Gabriel Mancilla

Gabriel Mancilla. Started in summer 2010 with his professional stage at our company and still comes back again and again to us to enjoy the beautiful area in a friendly atmosphere.

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