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Home Actividades Montañismo 2-003 Climbing Mount Kiñehuen (3 Days)
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Mount Kinehuen, Patagonia - Chile

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Location: Ralún, Region 10, height: 1600 m above sea level. Mount Kiñehuen with its flanks covered by thick native forest and its snow-dripped summits is located in the surroundings of Ralún. Early in the morning we start the ascent following a rivulet opening us a path through impenetrable forests. Coigües, Notros and Canelos (a tree sacred to the Chilean Indians), avellanos (the Chilean hazelnut) and giant farns are our company on our way up which offers us an unforgettable view over emerald green Petrohué River and the flushing green valley of Ralún. At an altitude of about 1000 m we reach alerce woods where millenarian examples of this very long living species impress as living time witnesses. Here we attack Kiñehuen’s summit offering us a unique sight to volcanoes Osorno, Tronador, Calbuco and Yates as well as over Reloncaví Estuary with the fisher’s villages Cochamó and Puelo. For our camp we seek shelter from wind and weather into the alerce woods. On day two we descend rappelling where possible.

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